One of the most common questions both online and offline from our visitors is quite simply: how exactly do people win escape games? What are the best approaches? Are there any tactics or strategy involved? Short answer is, yes, and well, no.

People coming to Perplexity are always looking for clues way before entering the room, usually probing (jokingly) our game masters, in search of the tiniest of help. Others like to do their research online, asking the important escape game questions on popular services. While some have a very que sera (Whatever will be, will be!) approach to escape games, we here at Perplexity believe that a little preparation will not ruin the fun, as a matter of fact, it will only multiply it! Here are a few tips for you, future escape room adventurer!

Communication is key

Anyone who has ever worked in a team – so pretty much all of us – know that a lot of things can go sideways when someone decides to hold back information. Be open about your approach to the game. For example, whenever you find something in the room, yell it out loudly, even when your teammates are minding their own business, they will store the information in the back of their minds!

Be brave to share

Sharing is caring, just like we discussed in the previous point. Sharing ideas, however stupid they may sound in your head, are key to opening the gates of open discussion. And you will never know, maybe your idea was indeed a bit off, but it might give an idea to one of your teammates! Brainstorming 101!

Avoid getting fixated on a puzzle

Stuck on a piece of the puzzle and time is running out? Drop it and look for something else! You know that feeling, when for the love of god, you just cannot remember the name of that actor or the title of that movie? The more you chew on it, the more it eludes you! Well, drop it! Try to distract your mind, pay attention to other puzzles and ideas in the room, and soon, your brain will work out the details in back, handing you the long awaited answer in a sudden realization!

As for preparing for your escape adventure…

This mind sound a bit cliche, but the best preparation is to prepare yourself for the unforeseeable. Bring your A-game, work together, and accept that whatever will be, will be! Oh, and don’t take winning too seriously, after all, escape games are just games!

Got a question regarding our Cleveland escape room? Check out our detailed FAQ section!