Choose your adventure!

It’s 1938 and Cleveland Safety Director Eliot Ness has secretly hired you to investigate a corrupt city commissioner with ties to illegal gambling. Find the evidence and don’t get caught by the mob!

  • 4-12 people
  • $35 per person
Eccentric inventor and clockmaker Patrick O’Malley is up to something new. But what could it be? Find out, bring back a sample, and you could be set for life!

  • 2-8 people  * Peak times may require 3 person booking minimum
  • $35 per person

A dark curse. An ancient legend. Valoria has waited a long time for a hero. Are you the one to save the Kingdom and restore the magic?

  • 2-8 people    * Peak times may require 3 person booking minimum
  • $35 per person
Your only hope is to sneak into Santa’s house and move your name from the Naughty List to the Nice List. Don’t get caught, or there’s no presents for you and you’ll be on the Naughty List FOREVER!

  • 3-10 people
  • $35 per person
T.I.T.U.S., the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world, has gone rogue. Shut it down, or prepare to serve the machines.

  • 2-5 people
  • $35 per personT.I.T.U.S. is currently undergoing renovation and is not available for booking

Looking for things to do in Cleveland? How about a fun and challenging adventure that can bring the entire family, team, or group of friends together? Perplexity Games has got you covered! Our selection of escape games and puzzle rooms in Cleveland will have you and your group working together to solve a multitude of challenges. From a 1930s noir caper to a fantasy adventure that seems like another world, we have an adventure to stump anyone who fancies themselves an expert riddle solver.

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is an escape room? An escape room is a real-life puzzle-adventure game. At Perplexity you aren’t actually locked in and each game has a unique theme and objective. With an hour time limit, you and your team will have to put your heads together to complete your mission in time. Explore every nook and cranny in the room to find the clues and solve the mystery at hand!

Teamwork is a must when it comes to our escape rooms. So whether you are looking for a chance to engage in team building with coworkers, planning a unique bachelor or bachelorette party, or simply looking for fun things to do in Cleveland, we have just the thing. We are sure that, by the time you leave our escape room, you will have had a fantastic time getting to know everyone in the room a little bit better.

Our Cleveland escape room games are designed to accommodate 2 to 12 people and are perfect for anyone 12 and up, or 8 and up with family. So grab a few friends and contact us to schedule one of the most fun things to do in Cleveland today!