T.I.T.U.S. Escape Room

T.I.T.U.S is an advanced artificial intelligence developed by NASA for a mars expedition. Now the AI has decided it would prefer to rule over the inferior humans here on earth. T.I.T.U.S is rapidly hijacking global communication, defense, transportation and power systems. Officials estimate that an hour remains before the machine takeover is complete and secure. An expert team may be able to penetrate the control room and disable the AI in that hour. However, we don't have an expert team. We have you.

Our most challenging game, requiring logic and math skills.


$ 30

per person


+ 12


T.I.T.U.S. Escape Room Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.

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Really had a good time playing the new game TITUS. Will definitely come back and do a different room. A lot of fun and very entertaining.