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Bachelor, Bachelorette & Birthday Parties in Cleveland

Planning the perfect party? Why do the same old thing when you can be the stars of your own adventure?

In Ohio, bachelorette party ideas often include escape rooms.  We’re proud to be the popular choice when it comes to “popping the question”, having a “gender reveal” or other surprises!

An escape room party at Perplexity Games is an exciting, fun and memorable way to celebrate birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduation, and more. We’ve hosted groups celebrating birthdays from teens-75th and lots in between. At the holidays or reunions it’s the perfect way to spend time with friends and family doing something everyone can enjoy.

To have the escape room to yourselves, just book all the spaces even if you have a smaller group.  (During some time periods you can get a private game with just 75% of the room filled, at no extra charge – call for information.) If you have more than 12 people call us. We can set you up with custom game times for multiple games running at the same time.

Have a large group and watching the budget? Look for our Sunday Matinee slots with flat pricing for the whole room in Eliot Ness or The Clockwork Caper.

Planning something extra special? Be creative! We’ve helped guests with pregnancy reveals and wedding proposals! Call us and we’ll work with you to pull off something amazing.

After your escape room experience, head to one of the many nightspots in Ohio city for some of Cleveland’s best locations for food and drinks. Mitchell’s Ice Cream and Pizza Whirl are right around the corner or for adult events try the craft brews at Bad Tom Smith’s tap room.  You can also use our event room for cake, presents, etc.  Call now for details!  216-273-8000

Planning Something Special?

Does your significant other love puzzles and games? Let Perplexity Games help you pull off a unique proposal!

Call us ahead of time, and we’ll have you come visit our escape room. You can walk through the game and we’ll plan out the last detail. We can add special touches and personalize it just for you. Whether it’s just the two of you, or with your family and friends, we’ll make sure it goes smoothly and and is just as special and unique as your relationship.

We can also plot the perfect pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, etc.

And whatever stage of life you’re in, don’t miss Johnny & Felicia’s engagement video! (Spoiler – She said “yes!”)

Inquire today to start planning your customized event!

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