Q&A With Bill of Bills Crib VR Arcade!

We sat down with Bill, the founder and mastermind behind Bills Crib, Perplexity Games’ new VR Arcade! He told us all about the story behind Bills Crib, what Virtual Reality even is, and why YOU should come try it for yourself!

Hi Bill! Why don’t  you tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello there, my name is Bill and I am the proud owner of a virtual reality arcade that provides immersive and exciting experiences to individuals of all ages. I was born and raised in Cleveland, where I discovered my passion for STEM education and video games at an early age.

After completing my formal education in Mathematics, Software Engineering, and Data Science, I continued to apply my skills to various video games that I played. While I was still in college, I spent time VR support into popular video games like Fallout and Skyrim, long before official ports were available. After college, I honed my skills by working for various Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Eventually I decided to create my own multiplayer Minecraft server and integrate VR and raytracing into it. In the process of helping my friends set up their VR headsets, I experienced many of the challenges in providing a smooth and seamless VR experience for non-technical users.

With my passion for providing a flawless VR experience and my expertise in software services, I founded Bill’s Crib, a virtual reality arcade that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences that transport our customers to new and exciting worlds, all while ensuring that they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.Replica Nautilus 7118/1300R-001 Patek Philippe

Awesome! Can you tell us- what even is VR?

When we watch TV or play on our phones, we normally only use our senses of touch and sight

. While anyone has enjoyed a great book or movie can vouch that this can create an immersive experience, VR is about integrating more of your perceptions into the experience. Entry level headsets achieve this by adding depth perception. However, our headsets include the ability to turn your head and walk around the room. We also have vests and props so you can feel when/where in-game bullets hit or feel recoil from your weapons.

VR is about taking all of the human senses and feeding them data to create another world.

Why should everyone try VR?

First of all, it’s fun and unique experience. When I exited my first space simulator, I was pushing off the walls and furniture of my apartment for an hour after I took the headset off. Games, where you fly or operate in space, give you experiences that simply cannot be matched by a flat monitor.

Secondly, because the people who interact with VR now have a major vote in deciding the role of VR in society tomorrow. Facebook alone spent over 10billion dollars on this technology and if you haven’t at least tried it then you have no context for the conversations.

What makes our VR the best in town?

Virtual Reality requires a tremendous amount of fine-tuning. Everything from your inter-pupillary distance (the distance between your eyes) to the calibration of the sensors can have an impact on the experience. The best part of going to Bill’s Crib is that all of our staff are VR experts which enable you to enjoy the experience while without requiring you to know anything about the dozens of software components that make it possible. The next best thing is that we support on-site multiplayer games with your friends. You can stop by halfway through a barcrawl and all play together without anyone lugging around computers and sensors. While many people have an individual VR station at home, very few people spend thousands of dollars to have spare stations so they can play with their friends.

VR clevelandWhat made you want to add a VR space to Perplexity?

As a software developer, I was hacking in VR support for Skyrim, Fallout, and Minecraft long before official VR mods came out. After working on a particularly challenging Minecraft VR mod for my friend group, I realized that all this technical setup was very specialized, but that many people could benefit once the setup is complete. So I added the VR space in the hope that others could benefit from all the work I was putting into setting up the best VR experiences possible.

What excites you about VR? 

I love the escapism. When I’m in VR, for a few minutes all my earthly senses and problems disappear. With hundreds of choices I can live for a few minutes as the last survivor against a horde of zombies or jump into a rollercoaster. Whether I’m after action, horror, or just peaceful contemplation there’s a VR experience I can leap to where that emotion becomes my world.

I also think there’s a tremendous educational opportunity. I remember how much I relied on my graphing calculator to understand my math classes. With VR entire branches of calculus can be visualized in a way that makes me envious of future generations. Similarly, there is a growing market of professional training courses available in VR (imagine surgeons practicing procedures). I’m very excited to see how this incredible entertainment technology can be used to make a positive impact on society.

Thanks for chatting with us Bill!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my journey in the world of virtual reality entertainment. I look forward to sharing my passion with you and providing you with an unforgettable experience at Bill’s Crib.

Our new VR arcade is a fantastic addition to our escape room. With its immersive experiences, challenging adventures, and endless possibilities, it’s sure to be a hit with players of all ages and interests. We can’t wait for you to come try it out and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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“VR is about taking all of the human senses and feeding them data to create another world.” – Bill, founder of Bill’s Crib