It's Victorian industrial espionage, with a touch of steampunk.

Rumor has it that Patrick O'Malley, local clockmaker and inventor, has created a new machine that will revolutionize the manufacturing of .... something. Edison Works has offered a sizeable bounty to anyone who can infiltrate O'Malley's workshop, figure out what the machine is for, and bring back a sample.

This game features fewer, but more challenging puzzles.


$ 30

per person


+ 8


Clockwork Caper Escape Room Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.

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Our party of six and baby had a great time in the Clockwork Caper! Sensible puzzles very good for deductive and spatial reasoning. Best, however, was our friendly and personable GM, Kate, who welcomed us and recapped our progress professionally and cordially. She and the other staff were very accommodating of the infant and mother and worked with us to ensure everyone could be involved without unduly complicating the room's challenges. I arrived thinking escape rooms wouldn't be my thing, but with another group of friends who wanted to go, I'd return to Perplexity Games first.

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Had an absolute blast in the Clockwork Caper today with my coworkers!!! It was super challenging but totally worth it. We just barely made it out!!! I will definitely be coming back to try the other room.

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A great time helping Mr. Edison! We did manage to escape the room with lots of time to spare. And Mitchell's is right across the way, cause sprinkles are for winners! Good luck!