Everything you might want to know about Perplexity Games

What about covid?

To provide a fun outing in as safe an environment as possible, we have made all games private at no extra cost. As soon as you book for the number of people in your party, any remaining spaces are automatically closed off. (Call if you need to increase your count.) Game start times are staggered to minimize contact with other groups. All of our game masters are fully vaccinated.

What is your cancellation policy?

While games are non-refundable, we will gladly reschedule or issue a store credit if you call us at least 2 hours before your scheduled game time. If anyone in your group is not feeling well, we’d much rather have you play another time.

What is a room escape challenge?

Your team enters a themed, real-life room with a single mission and 60 minutes on a ticking clock. Explore your surroundings, search for hidden clues, use logic and teamwork to crack codes and solve brain-twisting puzzles in an exciting, interactive adventure game. Will you succeed? Or will you be Perplexed?

What makes Perplexity Games special?

From the start we wanted to take the escape room experience to a much higher level. All of our escape challenges have at least two rooms. Depending on the game you may find hidden passageways, high-tech game features or period furnishings for a fully immersive experience.

Am I really locked in?

Never. We want everyone to be safe and our escape room games are won by completing your quest rather than unlocking a door. If you need to walk out at any time you can freely do so.

Do I need to book ahead?

Yes. It’s recommended to book at least 24 hours in advance and our booking system closes up to four hours before each game time. We’re not set up for walk-in traffic and may cancel empty time slots for staffing purposes. If booking has closed and you’re trying to add an additional person to your group, please call and we’ll accommodate you if possible. (We may also be able to accommodate same day bookings on request – give us a call.)

When should we be there?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. We’ll check you in, explain the game and have you ready to start playing at your designated time. Once the game has started, latecomers may not be admitted. If you’ve booked the whole room you’ll still be able to play but your time may be shortened to keep us on schedule. All reservations are non-refundable.

What should I bring?

All you need are your wits and a willingness to work with your team. Wear something you can reasonably move around in and if you want to cosplay or dress to fit the theme it’s welcome but entirely optional. None of our games require any outside knowledge. You are welcome to take your cell phone in the game with you however taking pictures or video is prohibited. If you normally use reading glasses you will want to bring them..

Will there be other people in the room?

At the present time in response to Covid-19, all games are private at no extra charge. Once you book a time slot no one else will be able to join that game. (If you need to add people, you can call us or just bring them and pay when you arrive. Your total number cannot exceed the published capacity of the game.) Our Sunday Matinee bookings also offer the full room at a flat discounted price. (No coupons apply.)

What age range can play?

Puzzles and themes are designed for ages 12 and up. Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent. Children under 10 may play only as part of a group booking a private game. (The Naughty List Christmas Escape Room welcomes families with children ages 8 and up.)

Is it scary?

There will be plenty of fun thrills and surprises but our focus is on the excitement of the challenge, not undead creatures or haunted-house style horror. You may find your heart racing as you struggle to solve the last clue and the clock ticks down.

What about special events?

They’re a blast! Perplexity Games is a great place for a memorable birthday/bachelor/bachelorette party. We also do corporate team building events. Choose a private game with tiered pricing, or get the whole room for a flat rate with one of our Sunday Matinees. Special events may be booked outside of our normal hours and we have a room available for meeting space and parties. If you’re planning to pop the big question, announce a pregnancy or gender reveal, etc., let us know in advance and we can help you pull it off perfectly! We also welcome middle and high school age Scout troops, youth organizations, school trips, etc.  We can accommodate up to 40+ among our various games. Scouts can receive a free Escape Room fun patch when you book by phone.

Gift vouchers?

Show your love with a gift voucher for Perplexity Games. You’ll get an instant voucher code that never expires and can be used for any room escape challenge. Just click on the button at the bottom of the page and you’ll have a great gift in minutes!

Are food and beverages available?

There are numerous restaurants, bars and breweries nearby in our Ohio City neighborhood that offer great locations to meet up or recap your game. Food and beverages are not permitted in the escape rooms, but we have an event room available for meetings and parties. See our location page for more about the area. A tip: Alcohol has never helped anyone succeed in an escape room. You’ll need all your wits if you want to win. We recommend playing first and going out afterward, and anyone presenting a potential safety concern may be asked to leave.

Will you lock up my phone?

Many escape rooms will lock up your phones and other personal belongings. We don’t. You are welcome to keep them with you… our only rule being that no pictures or video are taken during the game.

Are you ADA accessible?

Perplexity Games is in the lower level of an historic building with no elevator access. You’ll need to be able to navigate one straight flight of stairs to reach us.

How much is it?

All of our games are $33/person +tx. We provide a premium quality experience and do not participate in deep discount coupon sites. We do however offer “Sunday Matinee” group packages (no code required) and occasionally post specials on our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Discounts are available for large groups and nonprofits.

How does split payment work?

If you are organizing an outing and would like your teammates to pay individually, you can make the reservation and guarantee it with your credit card. Choose the split payment option and enter your friends’ email addresses. They’ll receive a link that they can use to enter their payment for the game. You can even set the amount so everyone else can chip in to cover the guest of honor. If you need to adjust the party size, contact us prior to the payment due date. Note that the guarantee card will be charged for any remaining unpaid reservations 72 hours before the scheduled game time.

Is Perplexity hiring workers?

We are always interested in high-caliber people who understand the business of having fun. See current opportunities here.

Where can my group find your waiver?

We ask everyone to sign it before they arrive. You can find it here.

That wasn’t everything you wanted to know?

Shoot us an email or message us on Facebook! You can also call or text us at 216-273-8000