Escape Room games have grown by leaps and bounds throughout the world in the last few years. Sometimes called exit games, participants are placed in real-life escape rooms where they are given clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room in a set time, usually one hour.

The games are set in various locations, like a palace, a prison, or even a speakeasy. At our Cleveland escape room called Perplexity, one of the rooms is a machine room where an eccentric inventor has invented something unique that the participants must discover in order to collect a large bounty. The other room at the Cleveland escape room puts you in a situation where you have to investigate a corrupt city commissioner and get the evidence that ties him to illegal gambling. If you’re caught by the Mob, you’ll be in real hot water!

With video games as their forbears, escape rooms got their start in Japan and quickly spread to western Europe and beyond. One doesn’t need any special knowledge or computer skills to play. There are many different types of puzzles within a game to solve, so it gives everyone within a group the chance to contribute.

Operators of the games keep them interesting by rotating them with other games after a set period of time. At Escape Room Budapest, Hungary, one of the larger escape room venues, there are no less than 5 rooms which may rotate with other themes in order to keep the games fresh. Actually, Budapest was the first city in Europe to have the games. At last glance, Escape Room Budapest had games about a serial killer, a cathedral, a Pharaoh’s burial chamber, and even a diabolical medical surgery that patients( players) have to escape from!

At Insomnia Escape Room D.C. in Washington, USA they have taken their games to a new level with the introduction of virtual reality to one of their games, called Oblivion. In it, players wear VR headsets that feed them images about the escape theme while handling real-life props that correspond to the virtual world objects they are seeing in their headsets. It makes for a totally immersive experience that may well be the future of escape room entertainment.

Another favorite of ours is Escape Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA. In this venue, one of the largest on the west coast, there are over ten games with varying degrees of difficulty. One favorite there is the Witchcraft game where you are accused of witchcraft by an angry, bloodthirsty mob armed with machetes and torches! You need to find the spell that will save you from the mob and let you escape with your life!

Finally, a last word about our very own escape room in Cleveland. If you are interested in checking out – in all honesty and according to our reviews – the best-designed rooms in Cleveland, with our tested and carefully crafted game-mechanics, feel free to hop in!