Quickly come and gone are the days when escape rooms were novelty entertainment as more and more places pop up in every major metropolitan area. Cleveland’s no different as franchises and enthusiastic family businesses alike decide to roll the dice and open their own escape room. However, Cleveland, just like the rest of the US, is nearing a point where there are almost too many escape rooms to choose from! When you have a market topped, the question of quality arises. What makes an escape room stand out? What are the qualities you, the gamer, should look out for?

Props, sets, game mechanics

We find that, while there are numerous services out there offering great out-of-the-box escape room ideas, the best games are the ones that were designed by a local genius! The passion, effort and brainpower required to create a room from scratch usually yield a unique and wonderful experience! When looking for your next escape room adventure, try to determine whether a room has great props, detailed sets, and a fresh take on escape game mechanics! Is it a single room with what seems like a gazillion three-digit locks? Or a multi-room, immersive experience with an unfolding story that puts you in the leading role?

Reviews are (almost) everything

With local businesses many people feel that relying on the opinions of other is good idea. We agree. Reading Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google reviews is a great way to get a general idea of what your experience may look like at your designated escape room. Bear in mind though, people are, and as such, opinions are different! What might work for steve9281, might not be to your liking!

Location, location, location

Just like with real-estate, the location of an escape room can be a major factor for many people. Some simply look for the nearest location and shortest drive. Don’t! Rather than spending your afternoon in a bland escape room, we feel that a great experience is usually worth an additional 10-minutes drive! Consider as well the presence of quality restaurants and other attractions that you can combine with your escape room experience to round out your day.

Price, value… or sometimes you get what you pay for

Everyone loves a bargain, and sometimes there are good deals to be had. But not all escape rooms are the same. If you’ve never played one, calling around or searching Groupon to get the lowest price is unlikely to lead you to the highest caliber experience. Immersive sets, high-tech props, and quality staff have a cost.. which means that unless they are just starting out, the best rooms are unlikely to be found at bargain basement prices.

And finally, if you have any questions or doubts regarding your booking, just ask! Here at Cleveland’s #1 Escape Room we strive to provide a memorable experience! We’re happy to explain the difference between the games, offer dining suggestions, or help in any way we can.