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A Bachelor(ette) Party in Cleveland: 10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Ideas

Times have changed and so has our taste for bachelor / bachelorette parties.

So Cleveland, to celebrate your friend’s or your brother’s last single hoorah, you might be thinking of some new twists to make it memorable. But not the ‘memorable way’ like in the movie Hangover, right?

the hangover bachelor party

Well, we’ve got your back. You can’t lose with one of these fun and unconventional 10 bachelor(ette) ideas for Cleveland. We guarantee that these are the moments that you will (and can) talk about in the future.


1)  Release the Inner Diva/ Rockstar for a Night

If the bride or groom loves singing their heart out, a karaoke night can unleash that inner Beyoncé or Bruno Mars. Try Galaxy KTV Bar in 1593 E 30th St. Cleveland, OH for a new ‘vocal’ experience. It would be twice as meaningful for the bride-to-be to convey her heartfelt messages through songs.

ktv cleveland bachelorette partyGalaxy KTV bar has four types of rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. The standard rate per person is $10. For reservations, you may call 216-203-2222.


2)  A Pampering Spa Day

It’s no doubt that wedding preparations are indeed stressful. Starting from uncooperative in-laws up to the venue preparations, there’s no doubt the bride and groom are on tiptoes to make things perfect for their big day. So, a relaxing massage at The Wood House Day Spa would be a wonderful way to calm the pre-wedding stress. They are located at 300 Park Ave., Suite 164 Orange Village, OH.

bachelor bachelorette party ideas cleveland

Food and drinks are also optional and Woodhouse can even assist you in booking a catering service. To book an appointment, you may be required to make an initial deposit with your credit card number.


3)  Have a Heart Pumping Go-Kart Race

If your guys belongs to the adrenaline junkies, why not try Go-Kart racing. It’s about time to show-off that Grand Turismo driving style in real life. Boss Pro-Karting can give you that A1-race feeling while giving your buddy a great send-off to his wedding. They are located at 18301 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44142.

bachelor party ideas cleveland

They have the Arrive and Drive scheme that allows up to 10 people in the track. It’s on a first come first served basis so better be early. It is also advised that you use closed-toe shoes for safety.


4)  Find your way out of an Escape Room

Test your brain stamina at an adventurous escape room before heading to the long-haul thrill of married life. Perplexity Games Escape Room witnessed a lot of life-changing WYMM questions and even gender reveals. And for sure, they would be more than happy to witness your last day of single-hood.

bachelorette party ideas cleveland

Perplexity Games Escape Rooms are open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. They have four themed escape rooms that you can choose from. You should book 24 hours in advance. Rates are 30$ per person and they’re located at 2515 Jay Avenue #B3 Cleveland, OH 44113.


5)  Immerse in Virtual Reality and Video Games

If the soon-to-be-married groom is a hardcore gamer, then give him an intense game night in Dave and Busters. Nothing’s more fun than virtually hunting your friends down. They have a variety of gaming options ranging from the classic Dance Dance Revolution up to the latest VR game. What’s more, they are ready for the hungry players with their delectable menu.

cleveland bachelor party ideas - vr

They have a minimum of 15 guests for their private rooms. The booking process allows you 72 hours before requiring an initial deposit, in order to give you more time to decide.


6)  Shoot in a Firing Range like the Expendables or Dirty Harry

Let the groom-to-be feel like bad-ass Sylvester Stallone or Dirty Harry for a day before he enters this new complex adventure called ‘marriage’. It really pays to practice thinking quickly and wisely when navigating the playing field ahead.

dirty harry

Shoot Point Blank is one of the best shooting ranges in Cleveland. They offer party packages that are very suitable for you and your squad’s action-packed party. There’ll be a minimum of 6 people per party/event that allows you to practice for an hour.


7)  Hunt the Groom-to-be in a Paintball Match

It’s always fun to have a challenging activity. Not only will it boost a bit of cardio but also bring out your hidden military tactics. Swings-N-Things is one of the best places to get the thrill of the chase started.

paintball bachelor party cleveland

Swings-N-Things is well able to accommodate up to 50 guests. They don’t have a pre- booking process so you may come at any time within their operating hours. They also have party packages that start at $34.99. They are located at 8501 Stearns Road Olmsted Township, OH 44138.


8)  Foodie Bonding in a Cooking Class

The bride or groom-to-be will definitely enjoy a short but sweet learning experience. It’s always fun to learn new cooking techniques and recipes when you love food (who doesn’t?)  Sur La Table is a retail kitchen supply store that offers in-store classes.

foodie bachelorette party idea cleveland

What fun to surprise your partner with “Date Night in Paris” food recipes from their in-store classes. Prices start at $59. They have an online registration which can give you more time to think about what class you’re going to take with your foodie group. Hopefully, all the new recipes can turn the foodie bride or groom-to-be into someone who sprinkles cilantro like this:



9)  A Vagabond Road Trip

If you’re a chill squad that loves traveling, then it’s time to stretch those legs and be on the road.  Riding with friends and stopping for some beers is one way to have a blast. But in case you don’t have the big bikes, EagleRider can save your day.

cleveland bachelor party road trip

EagleRider has group package options that include a self-guided tour, a private group travel and even a tour-and-hotel setup. Group packages start at $84 a day. So pack up those leather jackets and hit the road with the gang.


10)  Dance the Night Away

Long are the days that pole dancing is only considered for strippers. It’s now a sport that even holds international competitions. For sure, you and your friends would have a laughter-filled learning experience in a private room without judgmental people around. Be Fitness offers dance parties to help you get started.


Be Fitness parties can last for 1-2 hours depending on the host. You may also bring food and drinks and they’ll provide the necessary utensils. They can accommodate 11 to 15 people with their 2 hour package. So instead of hiring people to dance, why not get your group to release their own inner dancing diva.


We hope this helps you with new ideas for your upcoming bachelor(ette) party in Cleveland. May you have a blast and we bid the soon-to-be couples a long and lasting marriage.