Choose your adventure

It’s 1938 and Cleveland Safety Director Eliot Ness has secretly hired you to investigate a corrupt city commissioner with ties to illegal gambling. Find the evidence and don’t get caught by the mob!

  • 4-12 people
  • $30 per person
Eccentric inventor and clockmaker Patrick O’Malley is up to something new. But what could it be? Find out, bring back a sample, and you could be set for life!

  • 2-8 people
  • $30 per person
T.I.T.U.S., the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world, has gone rogue. Shut it down, or prepare to serve the machines.

  • 2-5 people (or up to 10 in 5v5 competition)
  • $30 per person
Your only hope is to sneak into Santa’s house and move your name from the Naughty List to the Nice List. Don’t get caught, or there’s no presents for you and you’ll be on the Naughty List FOREVER!

  • 4-10 people
  • $30 per person